OTEPC grants power to revoke test results

The Office of the Teacher Civil Service and Educational Personnel Commission (OTEPC) has authorised provincial education panels to revoke the results of a recent recruitment examination.

Sermsak: ‘Fifteen days to decide’

It follows a Department of Special Investigation (DSI) report which found evidence of widespread cheating in the assistant-teacher exam.

Exams papers and answers were leaked in four northeastern provinces - Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, Yasothon, and Nakhon Ratchasima - and many applicants used imposters to sit the exam in their place, the DSI found.

The test was a special round examination to fill about 2,400 assistant-teacher vacancies, and only current educational staff were allowed to take part.

The DSI investigation found discrepancies in 486 out of the 9,242 exam papers.

Speaking after a five-hour meeting yesterday, Deputy Education Minister Sermsak Pongpanich said the DSI investigation and the ministry's own findings would be forwarded to OTEPC provincial examination sub-committees.

Each sub-committee will be required to decide whether to revoke the exam results within 15 days of receiving the investigation reports, Mr Sermsak said.

Rattana Sriheran, OTEPC's secretary-general, said the commission would review the sub-committees' decisions.

The decisions could be overturned if if there were no reasonable grounds to support them, she said.

Permanent secretary for Education Panita Khambhu Na Ayutthaya said the next general round of assistant-teacher recruitment will be organised between April and May.

This time everyone will be eligible to sit the exam.

To prevent cheating, universities in each province will be asked to come up with the examination papers instead of OTEPC and the local Educational Service Area Offices, she said.

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