Phuket show spat, Commuter commotion, Do you want some mor?

Beach party bust-up

TV host Woody Milintachinda is shrugging off threats that a socialite concert organiser will take him to court in a row over a Phuket New Year concert.

Woody Milintachinda and Chalermpol ‘Jack’ Tikumpornteerawong.

Socialite businessman Jirat "Champ" Petnunthawong, organiser of the Sydictive Element New Year party on Patong beach, and the concert's promoter, Anandadvip "Chai" Jayankura na Ayuthaya, have fallen out in a contract and defamation dispute.

Champ says he is contemplating defamation action worth at least 100 million baht against Chai, and could also take to court media outlets that aired details of his complaints, including Woody's former breakfast show, Chao Doo Woody.

Chai laid a complaint with the Crime Suppression Division against Champ on March 5, claiming the concert was poorly organised and damaged his reputation as a promoter.

Woody and his co-host Chalermpol "Jack" Tikumpornteerawong invited Chai on the show, when they compared lavish promises made by organisers with pictures taken by guests of how the concert actually turned out.

Chai said publicity for the Dec 30-31 concert promised top DJs and performers such as Akon, JFK of Mstkrft, Tiga and Pendulum, performing on the world's largest floating stage.

However, media reports painted a less than flattering picture, after headlining hip-hop act Akon failed to show after a contract dispute, and VIP guests complained of less than deluxe treatment.

Chai said the concert failed to deliver as promised. "Unhappy guests are still writing to me," he said.

Woody's show made unflattering references to plastic chairs in the VIP area, do-it-yourself toilets and the fact that Paris Hilton, who visited Bangkok to promote the event, failed to appear for the concert.

Woody said he had reviewed tapes of his show, and cannot find any segment where he sided with Chai.

"Taking legal action is a huge headache and could take five or six years," Woody said. "I would rather Champ pursue the matter with all the other people he says he wants to sue.

"Jack and I are just TV hosts who do not wish anyone any harm. We are merely presenting stories in the news for viewers' entertainment."

Woody said Champ should forgive everyone and get on with making a living. He was prepared to invite the socialite on air to give his side of the saga, but drew the line at making a formal apology, as he had done nothing wrong.

"I have a new variety show and have to travel the world. I don't have time to attend court, so if you sue me I won't turn up," he said, referring to Champ.

"This is a variety show, not hard news. We're not sitting around analysing events, but trying to entertain."

Rush hour soft soap

Pakorn ‘Boy’ Chatborirak.

Actor and presenter Pakorn "Boy" Chatborirak has won the praise of netizens for apologising promptly when a failed shower gel promotion in which he was a presenter held up flustered commuters.

Hundreds of angry commuters were trapped on a pedestrian overpass at Victory Monument during evening rush hour on Wednesday when promoters for a shower gel set up a shower stand in the narrow space, and invited members of Boy's fanclub and the media to attend.

Boy was supposed to take a wash in the stall and emerge promoting the shower gel produced by the St Luke's Snake brand, for which he is presenter.

Having taken off his clothes and donned a bath robe, Boy emerged to find hundreds of angry pedestrians, some hurling abuse at organisers after the flow of pedestrians on the bridge ground to a halt.

Boy began singing to accompany the presentation when organisers stepped in to call off the event.

A video of the promotion was published on the internet and showed commuters expressing their annoyance.

"You're blocking the way!" one shouted.

"I can't cope with this," complained another. Writing later on Instagram, Boy said he was just as upset by what happened and offered the public his apology.

"I was just doing my duty as presenter, and didn't see how quickly the situation deteriorated.

"I saw how people below me were suffering. I've never been in a situation like it.

"I was surprised, and annoyed, as everyone could see a mistake had occurred. I feel really bad about it.

"As soon as the problem occurred, we tried to correct it, but there's really nothing more I can say other than to apologise."

Netizens said the event organisers knew that pedestrians on the bridge would have no choice but to stand and watch if they wanted to get home. Some said they were forced to wait in the heat for half an hour before foot traffic started moving again.

"They were shamelessly trying to exploit rush hour traffic in one of the busiest parts of town to flog their product," one wrote.

"Boy should be praised for having the guts to say sorry. But the shower gel manufacturer and whoever gave permission for the event should also offer an apology, as someone could have been hurt in the crush," said another.

Come and have a go!

Late-night TV presenter Saruta "Mor Oiy" Reungwiriya is daring the new wife of her former boyfriend to turn up at court this month to hear the result of a legal dispute over money she lent him for a motorbike.

Saruta ‘Mor Oiy’ Reungwiriya.

"I dare you to come. If you really want the attention, I'll make you famous. I'll hit you in the face in front of the media!" an Instagram user known as Janie _ as Mor Oiy is also known _ wrote on Friday.

Mor Oiy wants her former boyfriend, TV presenter Nattapong "Micky" Chopcheun, to repay the sum of 490,000 baht which she says she gave him as the bridal price for their aborted wedding.

She said Micky spent the money on a Harley-Davidson motorbike, and failed to pay it back.

The pair called off their wedding plans after Micky started seeing someone else. Micky married his new lover, co-presenter Kanokladaa "Pias" Vichakul, earlier this month.

They hired security guards amid reports that Mor Oiy planned to crash the wedding and take along a funeral wreath to curse the event. In the end she did not attend.

Mor Oiy and Micky met at the Civil Court in Ratchada last week, the first time they have come face to face since Mor Oiy took her legal action. Media reports said they avoided each other's gaze.

She told reporters outside the court she was close to settling the dispute, after Micky agreed to repay 400,000 baht of the disputed sum, and publish an apology in the newspapers.

"I will put a share of the money into looking after stray dogs," she said. "I'm not trying to insult anyone, as I genuinely love dogs. Charities and dog shelters that want my help should get in touch," she said.

Writing on Instagram, Pias denied Micky had agreed to anything formally, and said the court has called the parties together again on March 28.

The Instagram user known as Janie, however, said if Pias wanted to boost her profile by wading into her dispute, she was happy to oblige.

"Show up at court yourself, and let me see if you have the courage!" she wrote.

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