Friends in need

Dimsum's rescuer is living in an apartment where pets are not allowed. The owner has nowhere to place her. She is about three months old, and is very attached to people.

Chok Dee was run over by a car. She is hospitalised, but recovering. She cannot be put back on the street. She really needs a loving home.

These six puppies are at the shelter. They are very playful, have been vaccinated and are healthy.

Markie and Mikie are still at the shelter where they don't belong. They both are male and have been vaccinated.

Mumu and Mimi are very small dogs. They are both about six-month-old female puppies who have been spayed. They are very playful.

Sally is a two-year-old female shih tzu. She was dumped at a local shelter. She has been vaccinated, spayed and would make a good companion.

Waan is a three-year-old female dog who has been spayed and vaccinated. She is very playful and friendly with both dogs and people.

Pita is a three-month-old puppy who was attacked by a big dog but he is being treated in the shelter. He has some curly hair and will grow up to be a small dog. He has been vaccinated.

Contact details: Anyone interested in adopting one or more of these animals can contact Tharinee Wipuchanin, founder of Pic-A-Pet4Home, on 08-1451-2233 or 08-1551-2628 or