Unbearable lightness of non-being

Every life supports and influences each other; no single life can exist on its own.

In the exhibition "Non-Being By Itself", artist Kamin Lertchaiprasert explores the relationships between lives and offers his audience the opportunity to experience this network of co-existence.

In addition to presenting his own work, which consists of a large sculpture, with sound, in the shape of a human skull titled Before Birth After Death and a short film called We Are All The Same, Kamin invites young artists, cultural workers and interested people to showcase short films of people who have touched them.

Each person is engrossed in social and cultural change and is capable of expressing his or her thoughts through 10-minute short films.

As someone who defines art as a process of learning about life and nature, Kamin is interested in the art of living.

Non-Being By Itself will be on show at the Art Centre, 7th floor of the Centre of Academic Resources, Chulalongkorn University on Phaya Thai Road, from Friday until May 18. The opening reception is on Thursday at 6pm. The art centre is open Monday to Friday from9amto7pmand 9amto4pmon Saturday. Call 02-218-2965.