Militant killed in Narathiwat clash

The body of a dead militant was found on Wednesday morning in Cho Airong district of Narathiwat province following a clash overnight between rebels and a team of rangers, police said.

The rangers reported exchanging gunfire with a group of three or four militants at Ban Kubaepuyu in tambon Marubo Ok of Cho Airong district during the night.

The soldiers were looking for rebels who took part in the attack on a marine base at Ban Yulo in tambon Bare Tai in Bacho district on the night of Feb 13, when 16 militants were killed.

Two rangers were wounded in last night's clash. Hari Domae, 34, was shot in the hip, and Saengchai Saengmanee, 29, was shot in a leg. They were admitted to Narathiwat Ratchanakarin Hospital.

During a search of the area where the clash occurred this morning, a government patrol found the body of Abdulromaeng Duelo, 34, a native of Si Sakhon district.  He was shot three times in the body.

Abdulromaeng was wanted under a warrant issued on Oct 21, 2008 for murder and attempted murder.

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