Friens in need

Mek is a three-month-old puppy from the shelter. He is a bit shy but could make a good guard dog. He is fully vaccinated.

Mok is a two-month-old puppy. He is the only survivor from a litter of nine puppies born at a local shelter. He is very friendly and has been vaccinated.

Mom is a three-month-old puppy who has been fully vaccinated. He is very playful and is attached to people.

Sai Fa is about two years old and was dumped in a local shelter. She is very friendly.

Sai Fon is Sai Fa's sister. Both of them are very attached to each other and could make good companions.

Salsa is a three-month-old male kitten. He is very playful and has been vaccinated.

Tang Kwa and Pak Chee stay at a local restaurant. It's not safe for them as there are pythons in the woods behind the restaurant where they play.

Cleo is a three-year-old female cocker spaniel with short legs like a basset hound's. Her owners wanted to give her to a shelter, but we persuaded them to keep Cleo with them for a little longer until we could find a good home for her. She is a friendly and very happy dog.

Maruay is a three-month-old female puppy. She was attacked by a big dog and has been hospitalised for a few weeks, but is now very active and friendly.

Contact details: Anyone interested in adopting one or more of these animals can contact Tharinee Wipuchanin, founder of Pic-A-Pet4Home, on 08-1451-2233 or 08-1551-2628 or