Paradise Park goes sacred for Songkran

To promote the Thai New Year, Paradise Park invites the public to make merit and enjoy Thai traditions during "Paradise Park the Great Songkran" fair from April 11 to 16.

Held in collaboration with the Buddha Dharma Relics Museum, the fair will see the shopping mall transformed into a sacred place where visitors can pay respect to the relics of Lord Buddha's tooth, the ashes of nine Buddhist saints, relics of Buddha's blood from India and Tibet, and the ashes of the first five disciples of the Buddha.

Besides watering the birthday Buddha images for blessings, the visitors will also have a chance to receive a sample of the Buddha's relics (100 will be given away per day) along with sacred water collected from nine countries _ India, Sri Lanka, China, Nepal, Myanmar, Taiwan, Indonesia, Tibet and Thailand.

Throughout the six-day fair, there will be a workshop on how to create a variety of Thai fragrances such as bunga rampai, pad boke, pang puang, and malai huang rak. The workshop will be conducted by experts each day and there is no admission charge.

Also available will be traditional Thai foods and desserts such as thai pla curry, chilli paste, Trang roasted pork, khao chae, khao tan and crispy noodles.

Paradise Park shopping centre is located on Srinakarin Road. Call 02-787-1000 or visit