Man robs, rapes using fake gun

A man accused of using a replica gun to threaten a young woman while he robbed and sexually abused her in Samut Prakan was arrested early Thursday, police said.

Pol Col Panlop Airomla, chief of of Muang Samut Prakan police station, said the 19-year-old woman, whose name was withheld,  told investigators that a stranger broke into her room on Tuesday night.

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She said he pointed a gun at her, threatened her and demanded money.

The woman said she gave the intruder 8,000 baht, but he continued to threaten her and forced her to perform sexual acts with him. The suspect fled after he was done. 

The woman told police that the man had a devil tattoo on his right chest.

Pol Col Panlop said investigators later found out the suspect was named Kamolpob U-wichien, 24, and lived about two kilometres from the young woman's room

He was arrested near his home early Thursday, and 2,660 baht cash in his possession seized. 

According to police, Mr Kamolpob said he was carrying a replica gun with him on the night he committed the crime.

As he walked past the woman's room, he looked through the window and saw her sleeping alone wearing only a bra and panties. So he decided to break into her room by sticking his hand through the window to unlock the door from the inside.

The suspect was charged with robbery and rape.

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