Mono seeks MAI listing, TV licence

Mono Technology Plc, a leading entertainment company, plans to list on the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) by June to raise funds for expanding the business locally and abroad.

The firm will float 245 million shares in the initial public offering (IPO). It did not disclose the amount of funds to be raised.

Chief marketing officer Navamin Prasopnet said some of the IPO proceeds will go to support Mono's bid for a digital TV licence around August.

"If we are successful in digital TV bidding, we'll invest up to 1 billion baht from 2013-15," he said.

Apart from digital TV, Mono plans to invest in more content and IT equipment, enlarge its office space and explore openings in other business activities.

Internationally, the company expects to invest 150 million baht in foreign subsidiaries in South Korea and Indonesia and 350 million in various Asean countries.

Mono has eight subsidiaries for its two key business categories, entertainment content and media.

It provides entertainment content through a variety of channels including mobile phones and the internet. is the main website for media business, while Mono Mobile offers phone content via SMS, MMS, IVR, Audiotex, mobile internet and apps.

Mono has joined forces with Advanced Info Service, Total Access Communication and TrueMove H as well as Modernine TV, Channel 7 and the Royal Thai Army's Channel 5.

The firm also counts several foreign brands as partners including Indosat, Telecomsel, KT Telecom and Viettel.

At present, Pete Bodharamik is the company's major shareholder with a 87.11% stake. After the IPO, his shareholding will be diluted to 71.87%.

Last year, Mono posted a net profit of 607 million baht on revenue of 1.56 billion.

Mr Navamin said revenue and net profit are forecast to rise by at least 30% this year. Mono's policy is to pay dividends of at least half the net profit after taxes and reserves.