The office does not necessarily have to be a bore. Well, at least, not from an architectural perspective.

WORLDARCHITECTURE: OFFICE BUILDING 304pp, 2,225 baht ISBN 978-988-16214-4-3 Available at Asia Books

World Architecture: Office Building by J Tart Publishing & Media proves this right. The 304-page volume compiles different styles of office buildings from all around the world and categorises them into three main types: namely high-rise office buildings, multi-storey office buildings, and administrative office buildings. These are designed by prominent architects from countries including France, Germany, the US, Italy, Spain, India, Turkey, Slovenia, Ukraine and China.

The first chapter - high-rises - features constructions that emphasise vertical scale, exquisite craftsmanship, internationalisation and sustainability. The second - multi-storey structures - features green space, flexibility, functional experience and regional culture.

The last chapter - administrative offices - draws out image expression, identifiability, public space and ecological energy conservation.

Each building featured in this book is presented with multiple photos of both the exterior and interior, its design concept, sketches, plans, aerial view and so forth.

So if you think the office you are working at is tad bland and requires a bit of redesign or reconstruction - be it for the interior or exterior - World Architecture: Office Building might provide handy and practical guidelines, for architects and design amateurs alike.

La Cite des Affaires, Saint-Etienne, France

Hercules Towers, Cadiz, Spain.

Oficina Vidre Negre, Cuneo, Italy.

Boulevard Plaza Towers, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

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