Explosion of colour

Siam Discovery is importing the jewels of street art performance world to wow shoppers during "The Colour Show @ Siam Discovery" festival from April 19 to 21.

Discovery Plaza and several venues around and within the shopping mall will become platforms for more than 30 professional artists from Teatro Pavana, a famous group from Amsterdam, to strut their stuff.

The group has gained global fame and this is the first time they will perform in Bangkok, offering five shows daily from noon to 9pm on each of the three days.

The "Let's Colour Show by Dulux" is a fantasy light and sound spectacular that heightens the effect of dancers who move on 3m-long legs and wear magnificent costumes.

The "White Man Show" has sculpture-like men in white from head to toe who will make viewers laugh with their movements. Passersby can add colour and text to them to create living art pieces.

The "Colourful Biking Show" will show off a range of tricks and skills on bicycles and unicycles.

Triplet puppets star in the "Triple Dancing Show", and their energetic dance moves are set to leave audiences laughing.

The "Invisible Chair Show" features performers playing office staff dressed in colourful costumes. They will demonstrate an extraordinary daily routine with an invisible chair.

White Man Show.

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