Relieved railway worker survives blast

A worker at a railway station in Sukhothai's Muang district was lucky to escape with his life after he checked out a rucksack hanging from a nearby tree when he went into a nearby corn field to defecate - and then it exploded.

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Pol Lt Col Lapsakol Boontor, of Sukhothai police, said the incident occurred on Wednesday.

A team of police rushed to the scene after the unnamed, but very shaken, railway employee informed them of what had happened.  

Pol Lt Col Lapsakol said the team found the remains of two homemade bombs. The blast radius had spread over 20 to 30 metres.

The worker told police that he noticed a backpack hanging on a branch of a nearby tree when he was defecating in the field.

He opened the backpack and saw two objects that looked like explosives. He quickly threw it well away.

The explosives detonated when the backpack landed on the ground.

Chamnan Lamlert, a village chief in Muang district, told police that villagers heard two loud explosions on Wednesday evening.

Mr Chamnan said he believed the bombs were planted by a teenage motorcycle gang from another village and were aimed at a rival gang based in his village.

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