Court dismisses airport-parking suit

The Central Administrative Court has thrown out a lawsuit filed by Suvarnabhumi airport's car parking operator against Airports of Thailand Plc (AoT).

Sita: Fees will be returned to AoT

Parking Management Co had accused the AoT of wrongfully terminating its contract to operate the international airport's car park.

AoT board chairman Sita Divari yesterday said he would inform the board of the court's decision on Friday.

Following the court's decision, Parking Management must leave Suvarnabhumi airport by end of this month, Sqn Ldr Sita said.

The parking fees collected during the court dispute, worth more than 300 million baht, will be returned to the AoT, he said.

The money has been held in trust by the court.

The AoT board must now decide if it wants to find another contractor to run the airport's car parking operation or if it will run the business itself, Sqn Ldr Sita said.

An AoT source said the court decided to throw out the lawsuit on March 28.

The AoT had accused Parking Management of failing to pay the authority its share of parking revenues as per their contract.

The firm later filed a lawsuit against the AoT for scrapping the contract.

Sqn Ldr Sita said the AoT had previously asked Parking Management's executives to withdraw the lawsuit.

He said the AoT promised to set aside at least 25% of its collection fee revenues, or 80 million baht, to the firm, but the executives rejected the proposal.

Parking Management executive Thanakrit Jetkittichok said he would appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court today.

The firm has no plans to withdraw from operating Suvarnabhumi airport's car park, he said.

Mr Thanakrit said his company must be able to stay at the airport once the appeal is lodged.

He said he had also petitioned the chairman of the Supreme Administrative Court to review the decision by the Central Administrative Court judges to throw out his lawsuit.

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