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Amie bares all on past

Troubled model Omsawan "Amie" Sirikittirat, above, admits acting in soft erotic movies five years ago, but says she did it to help clear her mother's debts.

Two weeks after alerting police to a break-in at her house by her former boyfriend, tearaway Taiwanese model and singer Howard Wang, the model has ironically found herself under criticism for exploiting the drama to boost her own public profile.

"I never acted in X-rated movies or sold my body, despite what the critics say. If the claims persist, I will sue," she said last week after netizens dug up unflattering clips from her past.

"I couldn't stand to see debt collectors beating up my mother. She owed loan sharks one million baht. Our shop was wrecked, and we took shelter under a bridge," she said.

Amie has found herself under intense scrutiny since alerting police to the April 17 break-in at her townhouse. News outlets have published still shots and clips from her sexy B-movies, such as Overnight of Love.

Amie regularly appears in tears as she gives interviews about her relationship with Howard and now, her venture into erotic cinema.

"My income at the time was not enough to clear the debts, so I had to top it up with earnings from erotic movies," she said.

"Both the male actor and I took precautions. He wore gauze, and I wore a G-string. In those scenes where I took it all off, I turned my back to the camera.

"The love scenes were not real. No penetration took place. Some of the men I appeared with were actually gay," she said.

"Acting in those movies didn't make me a bad person. I was repaying my obligations to my mother."

Howard is likely to be thrown out of the country again after Amie alerted police to the break-in.

Immigration police arrested Howard, 28, at a city department store on April 23 on charges of stealing into the kingdom despite being banned.

Howard, former lead singer of the teen band Giant, was deported from the country on March 21. The Criminal Court last year convicted him of assault, possession of marijuana and taking speed, and immigration authorities decided he was no longer welcome.

They deported him to his native Taiwan, but say that unknown to them, Howard slipped back into the country on April 12 to attend Amie's birthday party.

They were tipped off to his presence in Bangkok, under a new name and with a new passport, after Amie told Lat Phrao police that Howard had broken in to her home.

Amie, who now regrets causing Howard so much trouble, said she invited Howard to drop off her birthday present, which he had brought with him from Taiwan. He broke in when he suspected she was sleeping with someone else.

Authorities are processing his new deportation papers, as a court also prepares to hear the break-in case.

"When I visit Howard in prison, he insists it's not my fault," she said.

Howard's mother, Julie Chu, who lives in Bangkok, on Tuesday asked the Administrative Court to remove his name from the blacklist, and grant an immediate stay on the Immigration Department's plans to deport him.

"Howard was not told that he had been blacklisted," she insisted. "If he had known, he would not have returned from Taiwan."

Her lawyer, Akart Wasikchart, said Howard's mother was worried the legal drama would affect her son's career in Kuala Lumpur, where he is a singer.

"I have not asked for bail on the break-in charge. Even if he was bailed, he would be arrested immediately on charges of illegal entry. We have decided to ask the court for relief instead," he said.

The court is considering the request.

But really, he did exist!

Actress Savika "Pinky" Chaiyadej has stopped talking to her mystery Hong Kong businessman friend, Jason, but has yet to dispel persistent reports that she made him up.

Savika ‘Pinky’ Chaiyadej

Pinky drip-fed to the media details of her online conversations with Jason, a supposed hotel entrepreneur, for months.

Recently she even offered a grainy image of a young man reading a book to prove she didn't merely make him up.

However, she never gave his full name, or any other particulars that could identify him.

Now, she says the pair have decided to part, though she denies it's because media scrutiny was getting too intense.

The doe-eyed actress, who is still repairing her image after her fling a couple of years ago with married businessman Peck Sunchai, said she never wanted to say much about Jason, in case it came back to hurt her.

"I don't want to talk too much about love, or I might be accused of boasting," she said.

She had also heard those nasty reports accusing her of making up the Jason story to distract the public from the lingering Peck affair.

Pinky said she and Jason have now parted, after realising they had too little in common. She was not upset about it, as they were never an item, but merely chatted as friends.

"We haven't spoken for weeks. It's not because of those news stories, simply because we couldnt make it work," she said.

Jason had never made it to the Land of Smiles for a romantic outing, as the pair had hoped.

Pinky says she is now talking to a new mystery admirer, described in one report as a handsome, rich Euro-Asian.

She won't identify him either, as once again they are still getting to know each other as "friends".

I was a fool for love

Pongsak ‘Aof’ Rattanaphong

Grammy singer Pongsak "Aof" Rattanaphong came out of the closet for the sake of a young man who he now says is a crook and a cheat.

Aof took the wraps off a poorly kept secret last month, declaring to the public that he was gay.

While he had previously declined to confirm or deny, he now wanted to share with his fans more intimate aspects of his life.

Aof said he was seeing someone, and showed off a ring that his admirer had given him.

Two weeks later, however, Aof is nursing wounded pride, after the young man for whose sake he revealed his sexual identity turned out to be a thief.

"He took a hotel credit card of mine and charged up items on it. I am now one million baht worse off, and feel like a fool, as I was so trusting," he said.

"On top of that I have discovered that the ring he gave me is fake, and he is spreading bad news about me all over town," he said.

Aof said he would consider taking legal action against the man, who he describes as a career swindler, if he does not stop bad-mouthing him.

The experience had taught him to be more careful, but hasn't put him off love.

"I'm the type who trusts people easily. I know many people who hear this will wonder how it could happen, but unless you have experienced it yourself, you will never know."

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