Siemens targets big projects

Munich-based Siemens, an industrial bellwether that makes products ranging from fast trains and gas turbines to hearing aids, foresees flourishing prospects for its Thai operations particularly in line with the government's planned 2-trillion-baht infrastructure projects.

Siemens is interested in a joint development with the government in the mass transit system and, thanks to a variety of technologies, it is well equipped for any joint investments, said Roland Busch, chief executive of Siemens' infrastructure and cities sector.

"[Apart from Thailand], there are several countries where we are interested to invest, including Singapore, where the company is already involved in some infrastructure investments," he said.

"Siemens is also exploring an investment opportunity in Vietnam, where there is anticipated rapid city expansion, particularly in Ho Chi Minh City."

In the German train giant's first foray into local manufacturing, Siemens last year agreed to set up a 50-50 joint venture with Cho Thavee Dollasien Co (CTV-Doll), a Khon Kaen company, to assemble passenger coaches in Thailand.

CTV-Doll will be responsible for manufacturing, assembling and maintenance of the coaches; detailed engineering and assembling of the interiors using local materials whenever possible; and manufacturing complete car body shells including painting.

Siemens will complete the coach designs, provide technical assistance and supply complete bogies and other major components from Vienna.

Mr Busch said Siemens's main focus is to introduce more clean technologies as part of the effort to protect the environment and cope with climate change.

He said cities have been expanding rapidly around the world. The question is how can Siemens take care of health and quality of life while maintaining economic growth, he said.

With demand for energy also rising, Siemens must use energy more efficiently, invest wisely, have high-quality industries and use technologies that benefit health, Mr Busch said.

Siemens is offering a leadership award to those who have distinguished roles.

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