The bold and the musical take to the stage

Moradok Mai Theatre presents a new production that makes fun of the incessant eruptions of lip-service politics in Thailand.

Romulus On The Rock will shake Goethe Institute’s stage daily at 7.30pm from June 3 to 7.

Romulus On The Rock is an adaptation of Friedrich Durrenmatt's play Romulus The Great. Well-known for it's grotesque characteristics, the German play is about mankind's obsession with war and excessive pride of your own kin to the extent of losing all qualities that make us human, such as love and kindness.

The story depicts a great Roman emperor who will do everything in his power to do nothing, and nothing to prevent his kingdom from disintegrating. To Romulus, it is the only way to put an end to one of the greatest humiliations in the history of mankind, the Roman Empire.

Romulus On The Rock is directed by second-generation Moradok Mai Theatre director, writer and composer Tan Chandruang who has established himself as a forward-looking theatre director both in Thailand and abroad.

He is best known for directing plays about moral issues.

His co-director, Chertsak Pratumseesakhon, is also a well-known entity in the theatre scene. He is especially well regarded for his love of all things impromptu. With his electrifying vision, this production will be anything but dull.

The play will be presented in a live rock performance format with an exciting cast that includes vintage rocker Soontorn Meesri, who is also a veteran actor and director. Appearing as special guests will be directors, writers, a drama instructor and a German artist.

The play will be in Thai with English subtitles.