Say cheese!

French master cheese-maker Claude Lauxerrois, one of the most renowned maitre fromagers in France from Ferme Jehan de Brie, is in residence at the Millennium Hilton until May 19. Lauxerrois has been criss-crossing the globe, promoting his delicious products far and wide. Among his cheeses are the well-loved Selles-sur-Cher, Reblochon and Camembert of his native land.

French master cheese-maker Claude Lauxerrois.

At the Millennium Hilton, he delights cheese addicts at Flow restaurant with his unique dinners and tasting sessions, accompanied by wines Lauxerrois insists are produced locally.

"It's my rule," he says. "Everywhere I go, my cheeses must only be sampled with local wines. Thailand has some amazing wines of its own now, making this a most exciting prospect."

The dinners, with a focus on delicious cheese offerings, are on offer nightly along with Lauxerrois' unique tasting sessions, while a special Sunday brunch on the river will be held on May 19.

The tasting sessions begin with mild goats' milk cheeses such as Selles-sur-Cher, moving on to firmer, more piquant varieties such as Comte (a cows' milk cheese similar to Gruyere) and finishing up with the robust Roquefort.

Lauxerrois also brings with him directly from France some selected cheeses, including Mont d'Or, Langres, Maconnais, Sainte Maure, Deauvillais, Abbaye, Livarot, Brie de Meaux, Munster, Boulonnais, Cantal, Fondant d'Anjou, Tomme, and Beaufort. These homemade cheeses are on display throughout his visit.

Cheese sample plates start at 499 baht net, including a glass of wine. An unlimited access to the Cheese Room costs 999 baht net, or 1,800 baht net for dinner buffet plus unlimited access to the Cheese Room. Brunch on the River on May 19 costs 1,999 baht net. Wine by the glass starts at 99 baht net.

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