Birds not so angry after all

Thailand recorded the highest sales value for Angry Birds licensed merchandise in Southeast Asia thanks to the popularity of smartphones and tablets here.

Christian Olofsson (left), president and manager of Megabangna, and Neal Rudge, managing director of Pacific Licensing Studio (Thailand), attend yesterday’s event with a friend.

Globally there were 1.7 billion downloads of the Angry Birds mobile app, with 200 million total users.

Neal Rudge, the managing director of Pacific Licensing Studio (Thailand), the licensing agent for Angry Birds merchandise in Southeast Asia, said Angry Birds items in Thailand make up 20% of the country's animated retail licensed-merchandise market worth 4 billion baht.

Thailand's overall licensed-merchandise market averages 6-8% growth annually.

Growth in the region was attributed to strong consumption spending and high purchasing power, he said.

Mr Rudge foresees Angry Birds licensed merchandise will continue to grow this year, fuelled largely by 3G commercial mobile broadband service, as the penetration rate for mobile internet users looks set to grow significantly.

The company is looking to expand to animated television and video clip services, said Mr Rudge.

Angry Birds joined with Megabangna to organise a "Happiness of Fun Angry Birds" promotion. The event, running from today until June 9, will broadcast the world premiere of a short 4D film called Angry Birds Space.

Christian Olofsson, the president and manager of Megabangna mall, said the company is spending 200 million baht on marketing to draw more visitors.

Megabangna also plans to spend 500 million baht this year to add space.

"We want a 15% increase in customers this year, up from 3 million a month last year," said Mr Olofsson.

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