Grumpy Cat, a feline superstar

Grumpy Cat, whose bad-tempered appearance has won her fans throughout the world, now has a movie deal to go a long with her website, book and calendar. “So what?,” she was quoted as saying.

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Grumpy Cat’s bad-tempered appearance does tend to have an effect on people. CBS News, Phoenix, Arizona.

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Grumpy Cat, a feline superstar

Grumpy Cat, the cat with the permanent scowl, is rapidly becoming a superstar. After appearances on US national television shows, a website, book and calendar, Grumpy cat now has a movie deal.

The film will be produced by Broken Road Productions, but all we know at the moment is that it will be based on the cat's dour looks.

The cat became an instant internet hit when the brother of owner Tabatha Bundesen posted a photo of the cat on a popular internet site.

The photo went viral with netizens posting funny but bad-tempered captions like  "It's your birthday!!!! No one cares" or "You know what's great about the outdoors? Nothing."

Some of the captions added to photos of Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat's growing fame was boosted by appearances on U.S. morning show "Good Morning America" and CNN's Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show, "Anderson Live."

Grumpy Cat, real name Tardar Sauce, a misspelling of "tartare sauce" (Tabatha works as a waitress at a sea-food restaurant) now has a high-powered agent in Ben Lashes.

Lashes put together the movie deal, but he has also arranged many paid appearances, advertisement, book and even calendar deals.

Excluding the movie deal, the Bundesons have earned a low-six-figure sum off the cat thus far, says brother Bryan.

In real life, Tardar Sauce is the direct opposite of her grumpy persona. "She's a sweetheart really," says Tabatha.

Brother Bryan agrees. "She always looks grumpy but she's really always sweet."  

Grumpy Cat's own website is here:

Grumpy Cat’s appearance on Good Morning America

grumpy – unhappy and dissatisfied, often for no obvious reason  อารมณ์เสีย, อารมณ์ไม่ดี
bad-tempered – annoyed or angry อารมณ์เสีย, โมโห
appearance – the way that somebody/something looks on the outside  ลักษณะภายนอก, การปรากฏตัว
deal – a formal agreement, especially in business or politics การตกลงซื้อขาย, ข้อตกลง, การซื้อขาย
feline – connected with an animal of the cat family; like a cat  เกี่ยวกับสัตว์ตระกูลแมว, เป็นของแมว
permanent – happening or existing for a long time or for all time in the future ถาวร 
scowl – an angry look or expression การทำหน้านิ่วคิ้วขมวด, หน้าที่แสดงอาการโกรธมาก
appearance – an act of appearing in public การปรากฎตัว
dour – giving the impression of being unfriendly and severe บูดบึ้ง,ขุ่นใจ,เศร้า,เข้มงวดกวดขัน
instant – immediate ทันที
viral – (of a video, photo, story, etc.) spread across the internet very quickly (like a virus spreading a disease) as people share it with their friends or the news media reports on it   แพร่กระจายผ่านทางอินเทอร์เน็ตอย่างรวดเร็ว
netizen – a person who uses the Internet a lot พลเมืองเครือข่ายคอมพิวเตอร์
caption – a short piece of text under a picture in a book, magazine or newspaper which describes the picture or explains what the people in it are doing or saying คำบรรยายใต้ภาพ
fame – the state of being famous or very well known ชื่อเสียง
boost – to increase; to strengthen เพิ่ม; ทำให้มีกำลังมากขึ้น
tartare sauce (tatar sauce in the US) – a thick cold white sauce made from mayonnaise, chopped onions and capers, usually eaten with fish
waitress – a woman whose job is to serve customers at their tables in a restaurant, etc บริกรหญิง, พนักงานรับใช้หญิงในร้านอาหาร
agent – a person whose job is to arrange work for an actor, musician, sports player, etc. or to find somebody who will publish a writer's work ตัวแทน, ผู้แทน, เอเย่นต์
advertisement – a notice, picture or film telling people about a product, job or service การโฆษณา
excluding – not including something ไม่รวม, แยกออกไป
six-figure – used to describe a number that is 100000 or more, i.e., the number has six digits (numbers)
opposite – a person or thing that is as different as possible from somebody/something else ตรงกันข้าม
persona – the aspects of a person's character that they show to other people, especially when their real character is different

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