B2m phayung haul in Tap Lan

PRACHIN BURI - Forestry officials seized phayung worth 2 million baht on Saturday at a World Heritage site in Nakhon Ratchasima province.

Officials of Tap Lan National Park, acting on a tip that a truck was smuggling Siamese rosewood in Khon Buri district, set up a  roadside checkpoint on a route out of the park.

Seeing the checkpoint ahead, the driver abandoned the six-wheel truck and took his keys with him, leaving behind eight logs hidden under the truck's floor, said Tewin Meesap, the park chief.

The logs and the truck are being kept at the park headquarters in Na Dee district of Prachin Buri province.

Mr Tewin estimated the local market price for the wood at 2 million baht.

Tap Lan has become a target for loggers ever since authorities stepped up crackdowns on northeastern provinces bordering Cambodia, the park chief said.

Park officials have seized illegal rosewood worth more than 20 million baht so far, he added.

Tap Lan is part of the Khao Yai-Dong Phaya Yen World Heritage site.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (Cites) plans to officially list phayung on its protected Appendix II.

Appendix II requires countries to regulate the trade of a species by issuing export permits to ensure its sustainability in the wild. Failure of Cites members to comply can result in sanctions.

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