Bean vendor accepts police apology

CHUMPHON - A woman accepted an apology from police on Thursday after she received a warrant for business economic crimes despite working most of her life as a boiled bean vendor.

Preeda Charoensuk, a boiled bean vendor, left, shows a police warrant identifying her as a managing director of a firm wanted for not submitting a financial report. (File photo by Amnart Thongdee)

A team from the Economic Crime Division, led by Pol Lt Col Veerayuth Ruangthep, Pol Lt Col Preecha Wongraveewan and Pol Capt Suebsakul Sumaworathamkul, travelled from Bangkok to the house of Preeda Charoensuk in Lang Suan district of Chumphon province to apologise to her in person.

They offered her a wai and Pol Capt Suebsakul, who signed the warrant, paid his respects to her.

Pol Capt Suebsakul admitted the mistake and said he became stressed after learning that Mrs Preeda had collapsed and was sent to hospital after seeing the warrant.

The 56-year-old woman was left baffled after receiving the warrant by mail two weeks ago.

She was identified in the warrant as the managing director of Philosophy CAP Co who is wanted for not properly submitting a financial report to the Commerce Ministry's Department of Business Development when it was due.

The warrant, dated May 14, stated that the woman must turn herself in to the division in Bangkok by May 24 and pay a fine of around 50,000 baht or the police will apprehend her according to law.

She told reporters on Monday that she was shocked when she received the warrant because she sells boiled beans for a living with earnings of around 200 baht a day and had never gone to Bangkok. She had never given her identification card to anyone.

Police at the division later admitted the wrong person was identified as there were a dozen people with the same name in the records of the Interior Ministry.

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