Community radio backs charter change

Leaders of the Radio Broadcasters for Democracy (RBD) group gathered in front of the parliament building on Friday and called on senators and MPs to hold a parliamentary session and pass the third reading of the draft constitutional amendments, reports said.

Sornrak Malaithong, RBD co-leader, said said his members will hold a mass gathering at Chalerm Phra Kiat Park in Minburi district next Friday, June 28.

Thery will await the Constitution Court's scheduled decision that day on a petition to dissolve political parties and impeach 312 senators and MPs for supporting charter change.

If the court rules against the lawmakers, the RBD would immediately rally in protest against the in front of the parliament.

If the court does not give a ruling, community broadcasters will rally at parliament to call for the third readingof the charter amendments legislation next Sunday, June 30, he said.

Co-leader Charn Chaiya said it would unacceptable if a political party were dissolved or senators and MPs supporting the move for charter change impeached by the court.

It is the rigjht of parliament to decided whether the constitution is rewritten, as stipulated in the 2007 constitution, said Mr Charn.

The Constitution Court previously ruled that the charter, which was passed by referendum, could not be rewritten in its entirety by the parliament, only section by section.

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