Mitsuo left monkhood for a woman

Former monk Mitsuo Gavesako, who was abbot of the renowned Sunandavanaram forest monastery in Kanchanaburi, left the monkhood to pursue an ordinary life which allows him to have a normal intimate relationship with a woman.

Photo from Facebook of Suttirat Muttamara.

The woman who revealed on her Facebook page she is the person closet to former Phra Mitsuo, whose real name is Mitsuo Shibahashi, is Suttirat Muttamara, 52. She is a sister of Democrat MP Vithayen Muttamara and also chairwoman of Q Medical Centre Co which in 2011 announced the investment of up to one billion baht to build a hospital to combat the ageing process.

Ms Suttirat on Thursday evening posted five photos of her and Mr Mitsuo, 63. One of the photos is identified as being taken in the Philippines.

She said there was an unfounded rumour she has tried to blackmail Mr Mitsuo. He would soon step out to explain the truth to protect her reputation.

Vittayen Muttamara, also posted on his Facebook page, admitting that Ms Suttirat is his sister and that he respected their decision. They were both adults and their decision was rightful. He did not know whether they will stay in Thailand or abroad.

Mr Vittayen said the former Phra Mitsuo had studied Buddhist teaching for a long time and had already quit the monkhood. He had made a conscious decision and knew what he will do in the future.

After 38 years in monkhood, Phra Mitsuo left the monkhood on June 8 and then left Thailand.

Phra Nuphrom Suchato, deputy abbot of the monastery, said he saw the woman at the temple for the first time in April. He said while still a monk, Mr Mitsuo had never talked about this. It was the right decision to leave the monkhood when he reaslised his feelings for the woman.

Photo from Facebook of Suttirat Muttamara.

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