Exporters guarantee rice quality

The Rice Exporters Association has given a public assurance of the quality of rice exported from Thailand to the United States in a statement issued on Monday.

The statement said random inspections of imports by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at US ports of entry were a standard practice.

The  FDA had recently announced additional safeguard measures. These include checks for possible adulteration of shipments of processed rice from China, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Thailand. 

The statement said there are 46 Thai companies exporting processed rice to the US market, but so far none of them had been subject to this additional checking. 

On June 29, the US FDA also announced inspections for possible chemical contamination of shipments of processed food products entering the United States.

These additional measures do not target only shipments from Thailand, the exporters' statement said.

Over past months, the USFDA rejected a small shipment of 5.76 tonnes of glutinous rice from a Thai company due to chemical contamination. However, this was only 0.05% of the company's total exports to the USA of 10,500 tonnes.

Thailand exports around 400,000 tonnes of rice to the US each year.

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