Change Your Life — Little Mix

By Little Mix

Change Your Life

She catches her reflection
Then she throws the mirror to the floor
Her image is distorted screaming
Is it worth it anymore, no
Are you scared of the things
That they might put you through
Does it make you wanna
Hide the inner you

You’re not the only one
So let them criticise
You’re untouchable
When you realise


Change, change your life
Take it all
We’re gonna stick together
Know we’ll get through it all
Change, change your life
Take it all
You’re gonna use it to become
What you’ve always known
Become what you’ve always known

His body starts to flicker
Like nobody wants to know his name
Just another soul with feelings
But nobody’s there to feel the pain, no

They can rip you
Bring you down
Down to their size
But they will never get to
The heart you hold inside


You got a right to show the world
Something never seen
We wanna hear you scream it out
You’re not alone