Learning English on the go

In a bid to allow students to learn anytime and anywhere, Enconcept E-Academy, the language tutorial school, has introduced several new apps.

They have been designed to integrate with current courses that enable students to learn on the go, according to Dr Thammasak Eauapitorn, general manager of Enconcept E-Academy.

The MyCoach app lets learners ask questions and get answers anywhere, anytime. The teacher can reply via text, voice or image and in the near future, the app will support video format.

@Dict app features an English-Thai/Thai-English dictionary for primary school pupils to TOFEL students.

The light version of @Dict app can also be opened for general download. MyFlashcard is a game-based mobile app that lets learners from entry level up to high level test their proficiency. Users can also rank themselves among groups of friends.

The MyXenTimer app is designed in accordance with the working time of the human brain. After students spend 50-60 minutes learning, they typically experience fatigue. This app warns them to take a rest before starting to learn more things.

Thammasak said that since 50% of students today have a smartphone, it's practical to diversify the tutorial courses via mobile apps. Over the next two years, the number of students who own a smartphone is expected to increase to an estimated 80%.

Thammasak said that Enconcept will also offer the content to schools that are run by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

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Writer: Akin