'Saints Row IV' pledges allegiance to humanity in July 4 trailer

In keeping with tradition -- "Saints Row" tradition -- there are outlandish wrestling moves, overpowered weapons, mascot costumes, and a couple of F-words ahoy in the "Saints Row IV" Independence Day trailer.

"Saints Row IV" has its own take on patriotic responsibilities.

Forget about "Grand Theft Auto V" is the subliminal message; there's plenty of time for that sort of thing a month after "Saints Row IV" starts spreading its own brand of havoc from the week of August 20.

And after the series found its own confident rhythm with "Saints Row III" in 2011, definitively stepping out of the shadow of "Grand Theft Auto," there are shades of "Mass Effect" about its fourth outing, albeit knee-deep in parody: alien invasion, ginormous motherships, and gunfights; any romantic moments are rendered with a typically brazen brevity.

Allusions to "The West Wing," "Tron" and "The Matrix" should also be expected, but the new game's biggest task isn't cramming in all the comedic cultural references -- it's convincing fans of "SR III" that this strikingly similar sequel should still be taken seriously.

"Saints Row IV - Independence Day Trailer": youtu.be/iL91fA2Z2gc

Official website: saintsrow.com

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