Excitement as Britain’s royal baby due any day

Britain's royal baby is due to arrive any day now and excitement is growing by the day and hour.

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The birth of the royal baby is due sometime this month, probably sooner rather than later. AFP

Any day now

Britain's royal baby is due to arrive any day now and excitement is growing by the day and hour.

No, that not a first photo of the royal baby. That's a very realistic baby doll. The photo was taken in Germany. AFP

Don't expect pictures of mother Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, arriving at the hospital, however. The media is not being informed until after she is admitted.

You may see pictures of husband William, however, as he is flown by helicopter from his Royal Air Force base where he works as a rescue pilot. He has promised to be with his wife when she gives birth.

The announcement of the birth will come only after Queen Elizabeth and Catherine’s family, the Middleton family, have been informed.

The announcement of the royal baby's birth will sit on a wood and gold easel just behind the gates of Buckingham Palace. Fox Photos/Getty

What happens next will be very public indeed. Doctors will sign, on official Buckingham Palace paper, an official document giving details of the baby's gender, weight and time of birth.

The document will be driven to the palace where a footman will put it on an easel in the palace forecourt.

The royal baby will have an impressive title from birth. Depending on the gender, you will say “His or Her Royal Highness, the Prince or Princess of Cambridge”.

This is a first for royal babies, the result of an official order by Queen Elizabeth in 2011.

The newborn baby will be third in line to the throne, after Prince Charles and father Prince William, but before William’s brother Prince Harry.

One big question is who will take care of the baby. Royals are busy people and, in the past, their young children have spent much time in the nursery under the care of nannies.

Catherine, or Kate as everyone calls her, seems adamant, however, that she will raise the baby herself. That includes changing dirty diapers.

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