Indonesian caught with B15m ya ice

Police arrested an Indonesian man attempting to smuggle 4.3kg of crystal meth, or ya ice, worth around 15 million baht through Suvarnabhumi airport, the Customs Department said on Wednesday.

Yan Peter Yambis, 50, was apprehended on Tuesday night after a tip off. Officials found a bag of crystal  methamphetamine inside the man's luggage.

The suspect had flown into Thailand from Delhi, India. He was searched at one of the airport's checkpoints after landing, said Yutthana Yimkarun, acting director-general of Customs Department.

Mr Yambis confessed that he works as an electrical engineer in Indonesia, but is having financial problems.

He said he was hired by an Indonesian woman known only as Lish who told him to pick up the bag from a hotel in Delhi and deliver it to a hotel in Bangkok's Phra Khanong district.

The man added that he did not know that there was crystal meth in the bag until he was arrested.

Police charged Mr Yambis with possession of illegal drugs and intent to distribute, and with smuggling drugs into Thailand. The suspect was taken to the Office of the Narcotics Control Board's headquarters for further questioning.

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