Foreign Ministry: Boost tourist safety

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is calling on relevant agencies to come up with new measures to improve the safety of tourists, and warning motorists to drive more safely.

Reporters on Thursday asked Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul for his views on tourist warnings issued by the United States, England and Australia highlighting Thailand's poor road conditions, unsafe drivers and lenient law enforcement. 

Mr Surapong said both Thailand and the home countries of tourists must help oversee the safety of foreign visitors.

"We should not neglect these things because Thailand welcomes about 20 million tourists a year and we must take good care of them," he said. "This is not just about accidents, but also about robberies on tourists."

He said motorists should be more careful when driving. When trucks or other vehicles break down in the middle of a road, a visible sign must be placed at the back of the vehicles to prevent accidents, he said.

"I think the traffic police, the Land Transport Department and the Transport Ministry should have this equipment put in all cars," Mr Surapong said.

In terms of railway transport, he said it is important for relevant agencies to regularly inspect tracks.

On Wednesday, the Metropolitan Police Bureau published a statistical report which showed that crimes including murder, assault, rape, theft and robbery have increased in Bangkok in the past six months.

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