Consumer board questions Peptein ad

The Consumer Protection Board (CPB) has asked Osotspa Co to suspend its TV commercial for Peptein beverage, warning it may be misleading people into believing its use can improve brain functions ahead of medical student examinations.

The request is contained in a letter from CPB secretary-general Jirachai Moontongroy. It asks the company to cease broadcasting the TV commercial, according to Isra news agency. 

The CPD was responding to a complaint filed by the Society of Medical Students of Thailand.

The students want Osotspa, the importer and distributor of Peptein, to stop hiring medical students as product presenters, saying it is not appropriate and it may even violate some code of conduct of medical students.

The CPB met with the Medical Council of Thailand and Food and Drug Administration and found there were doubts about the commercial's claims that the drink can help increase brain efficiency.

The ad also implies that students who consume the beverage would be better able to pass the university entrance examination, particularly for entry to the faculty of medicine and dentistry.

The ad also communicates to consumers that once they join the company’s sponsored project on "brain preparation", they would be able to pass the examination, the CPB said.

The CPB office is also questioning the appropriateness of using university students in the commercial without seeking the approval of their respective universities.

Moreover, the advertisement seems to indicate that joining the company’s tutoring project will ensure the beverage's consumers become brain or eye specialists, which is not true, the CPB said.

Isra news agency said its research shows that Osotspa has been fined five times for wrongfully promoting the properties of its Peptein product.

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