Thai SMEs rampage up 'Forbes' list

Eight Thai companies are listed on Forbes Asia's Best Under a Billion (BUB) list of the top small and medium-sized enterprises in Asia-Pacific this year, up from six last year.

The listed firms are Aikchol Hospital (AHC), BEC World (BEC), Malee Sampran (MALEE), Master Ad (MACO), Premier Marketing (PM), Robinson Department Store (ROBINS), Sahamit Machinery (SMIT) and Workpoint Entertainment (WORK).

The list comprises 200 leading public companies in Asia-Pacific with annual revenue between US$5 million and $1 billion.

Forbes editors select the list from among 15,000 companies based on criteria such as rising financial performance, sufficiently broad and private share ownership, reasonable debt levels and profitability.

Companies from China and Hong Kong dominated the list this year with 63 entries, while Japanese companies rose to 17 from four in recent years.

Taiwan had the second-highest number of companies on the list at 26, three more than last year, while India came in third with 19 companies, its lowest level since 2007.

Two countries dropped off the list _ Sri Lanka (two companies last year) and New Zealand (one last year).

The Philippines managed one company, down from three in 2012.

Australia and Malaysia both have 12 firms, down by two from last year, while Indonesia with four is down by three.

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