Angry villagers plant tree in road

Villagers plant banana tree in their hole-filled dirt road to protest broken govt promises for electricity & paved road made over a decade ago....

Angry villagers plant tree in road as a sarcastic expression of their resentment of the attitude of officials Photos by Prasit Tangprasert


Angry villagers plant tree in road


Prasit Tangprasert

NAKHON RATCHASIMA ― Residents of tambon Po Klang of Muang district on Tuesday planted a banana tree on a pot-holed dirt road leading to their village, complaining that local authorities had for ten years ignored their repeated requests for a better road and electricity.

About 20 angry residents of Ban Nong Pluang Manao, said planting the tree was a sarcastic expression of their resentment  of the attitude of officials at the Po Klang Tambon Administration Organisation (TAO) office and the Provincial Electricity Authority, who had ignored their demands for a better road and a power lines to their village for over a decade.

They said the road was one kilometre long. The first 800 metres  was already concreted, but the remaining 200 metres was a red dirt road. 

The road became muddy and slippery and full of water-filled potholes in the rainy season, making travel difficult,  especially at night.

Man Pinyo, 73, said motorcyclists and cyclists, including pupils travelling to their school, were often spilled into the mud because of  the slippery road conditions. They were left with mud all over their clothes and had to go home and change. It was even worse at night because the road was dark.

Every time they were asked to repair the road, Po Klang TAO officials had promised it would be done, but they were still waiting.

Praipan Rakchart, 58, said the villagers were told by provincial electricity officials they would extend the power line to their village if there were more than three households. The village had more than 20 families for the last several years, but still no power supply.

The  villagers were force to resort to tapping into electricity lines to a nearby village, using a makeshift connection. This was dangerous, she said . 

The group called on all agencies to provide immediate assistance.

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