PAD court hearing again postponed

The Criminal Court on Monday postponed until Nov 25 the examination of evidence in the case against 20 members of the People's Alliance for Democracy accused of inciting unrest and illegal assembly in connection with the slockade of parliament by PAD protesters on Oct 5-7, 2008.

The court was due to  examine evidence submitted by the prosecution and the defendants today.

The 20 defendants, led by Sondhi Limthongkul, appeared before the court and denied the charges of violating the Criminal Code by inciting unrest and leading an illegal assembly of more than 10 people, and other offences.

PAD lawyer Suwat Apaipak asked the court to postpone the examination, reasoning that some of the defendants had not appointed their lawyers.

The court postponed the examination of evidence, including lists of witnesses, to Nov 25 as requested.

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