World's youngest wing walkers

Two nine-year old cousins wanted to help a friend with a terrible disease. They succeeded in a very unusual way.

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World's youngest wing walkers

Nine-year-old cousins Flame Brewer, left, and Rose Powell show off their superwoman pose that they did while becoming the world's youngest wing walkers. ITV

Nine-year-old cousins Flame Brewer and Rose Powell  have a six-year-old friend named Eli Crossley who suffers from a children's disease known Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

This is a terrible disease which affects the muscles, making it difficult to move around. It often gets worse as the child gets older.

Flame and Rose wanted to help Eli by raising awareness of the disease in the hope that someone can find a cure.

They found a unique way of doing so. Their grandfather Vic Norman is a pilot and he owns and leads a team known as the Breitling Wingwalkers.

Wing walkers stand on the top wing of a biplane as it flies through the air. Yesterday, the cousins became the youngest wingwalkers in history.

Their story, and the story of Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, is now being spread around the world.

What was it like up there?

"It was amazing, Rose told ITV News. "It was so cool looking up and seeing all the tiny houses."

"I was excited and a bit nervous at the same time," Flame added.   

She said it was "a little bit scary" at first but when they started to fly it was, "really, really fun."

What did they do up there?

"We were mostly screaming and waving," said Rose.

You can watch the girls in flight here:

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