2 tourists die in speedboat crash

CHON BURI : Two Chinese tourists were killed Wednesday when a speedboat they were travelling in crashed into an anchored long-tail boat in the Bali Hai cape, rescuers said.

A man takes a video of a damaged speedboat at a dockyard. Two Chinese tourists were killed Wednesday when the speedboat they were travelling in crashed into a long-tail boat anchored at the Bali Hai cape in Pattaya, Chon Buri. Photo by Thatree Rasrichan.

The empty long-tail tourist boat was sitting about 200 metres from a wharf when the collision occurred about 1.45pm.

Two men, identified as Dong Feiyue, 30, and Zhang Tao, 29, died in the crash. 

They were thrown from the speedboat, which was carrying 20 passengers to Pattaya, and landed in the water near the boat's propellers.

Seven other Chinese tourists and the driver of the speedboat were also injured in the accident, a rescue team from the Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation said.

The injured driver was named as Kriangkrai Boonsri, 23.

The seven tourists were only slightly injured but the speedboat driver sustained severe injuries, police said. 

All the injured were taken to a nearby hospital.

The speedboat had been taking about 20 Chinese tourists from Koh Lan to Pattaya on the mainland, the rescue team said.

But just as the speedboat was approaching the wharf, it hit a rope to which the long-tail boat was anchored, causing it to crash into the long-tail boat, the rescue team said.

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