Ghost stewardess: Seen at Suvarnabhumi air crash

Accidents at airport have persisted despite presence of seven spirit houses to ward off bad luck.

Since the air crash took place at night, the crash site was very dark.


'Spirits' leave mark on airport

Amornrat Mahitthirook

Amid the search for technical explanations for the Thai Airways International (THAI) landing mishap at Suvarnabhumi airport, public curiosity has been stoked by a passenger' s account suggesting divine intervention aided the emergency operation.

A passenger claimed to the host of a radio programme to have spotted a woman thought to be a cabin crew member in a traditional outfit helping evacuate people from the A330-300 aircraft, which veered off the runway on Sunday night after arriving from China.

A traditional outfit is worn by female cabin crew during flight, but they typically switch to the airline's skirt and blouse uniform before landing. A THAI source said the passenger' s story has bewildered airline executives and crew, particularly those on board Flight 679.

The crew insisted none among them were wearing the traditional outfit when the accident took place. The source said the passenger may have seen a guardian angel who "stepped in" to help.

An Airports of Thailand (AoT) source said some airport fire brigade and emergency response personnel claimed to have seen a woman in traditional dress shuffling into and out of their office, causing crackling in their radio transmissions.

The AoT source said Suvarnabhumi has seven spirit houses at the airport to ward off ill fortune.

The first one is Sarn Thepparak, erected before the airport was inaugurated in 2006.

AoT former president Chotesak Artpawiriya said technical glitches and accidents at the airport persisted despite the presence of the spirit house. He later ordered six more to be constructed.

He recalled an incident in which a bomb disposal expert at the airport exhibited signs of being possessed by a deity. The man said he was a wandering spirit called Phor Kae Ming who needed a home.

The last spirit house was constructed to be a dwelling place for the wandering spirit

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