Kayne West in trouble: You be the judge

Rapper Kanye West is the latest celebrity to get in trouble because of a paparazzi following him. The whole incident was caught on video from several angles. Decide if the musician should be punished.

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Here is the view from photographer Daniel Ramos' camera, seconds before Rapper Kanye West lunged at him. (No Thai Airways staff members were involved.)

Kayne West in trouble: You be the judge

The latest celebrity to get in trouble because of a paparazzi following him is Kanye West. The whole incident is on film from several angles, so we can see pretty much what actually happened.

Los Angeles prosecutors have charged the musician with a crime and the cameraman, Daniel Ramos, has filed a lawsuit against him. Before you read the story, watch the video and decide what you think should happen?

1. Should Kanye West be charged with a crime at all?
2. If so (If yes), should it a be a major crime (a felony) or a minor crime (a misdemeanour)?
3. As for Mr Ramos's lawsuit, should a court require Kanye West to pay him compensation? If so, how much?

This is footage from Daniel Ramos' camera, plus additional footage of Ramos after Kanye West left the scene.

Here is the same footage, plus a view from another camera of the "attack".

Here is an AFP version of the story.

Kanye West charged over LA airport run-in

LOS ANGELES (AFP) — Rapper Kanye West was charged with battery and  attempted theft after he allegedly attacked a paparazzi photographer at Los Angeles International airport in July, officials said.

Cameraman Daniel Ramos, who filmed the incident in which West allegedly attacked him and tried to seize his camera, filed a lawsuit last month alleging assault, battery and negligence against the US rapper.

"When Kanye West attacked me, I was in complete shock," Ramos told a news conference hosted by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred.

"All I had done was ask him a question. I was terrified when Kanye started to come at me. I backed up because I felt from the look in his eyes that he was going to attack me."

The lensman said he was left having to use crutches after the incident, and more recently a cane.

West's lawyers claim the musician was only trying to prevent the photographer from taking his picture.

But lawyer Allred said: "Mr. West suddenly attacked Danny, punching him and attempting to wrestle Danny's camera from his hands.

She added: "Danny held onto his camera and fell down onto his knees, onto the paved sidewalk with enough force that he sustained injuries to his right hip, was in great pain and had to be transported in an ambulance to the emergency room."

The mega-star musician, whose infant daughter, North, with reality TV star Kim Kardashian was born in June, is due to be arraigned on October 10 on one misdemeanor charge and one of attempted grand theft, the LA City Attorney's office said.

Prosecutors declined to press more serious felony charges, noting on August 16 that the freelance photographer "did not sustain significant injury" and was released from the emergency room the same day.

Each charge carries a penalty of up to six months in jail or a US$1,000 fine (31,800 baht).

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