Supertoys Assemble

Long before Ben Affleck was chosen to put on the mask, cape and utility belt, generations of kids were playing Batman with toys like these.

There's the 1949 wind-up Batman Tin Robot from Germany, the 1966 Batman Bundai Tin Robot from Japan, the VTG 60s Hazelles Batman Marionette Puppet Toy from America, and the Batman Utility Belt Play Set (Batman Super Collection) from America.

All of these marvels from DC, and many more supertoys will be on show at Seacon Square during ``Yesterday Once More: Super Hero The Original'', which starts on Friday.

Said to be Thailand's biggest gathering of superhero models and toys from the East and West, the 10-day fair is also a chance to glimpse the much sought-after Mego Batman Dolls made during 1973-78, the Batman Balloon made in 1970, and the original versions of collectible Superman and Spiderman toys.

For fans of superheroes from the East, fabric versions of Kamen Riders 1 and 2 and Tiger Mask will be on show, as well as Goldar and Rodak models from the Ambassador Magma series, and Godzilla, Ultraman Taro, spacecraft and Super Sentai models.

The world's smallest Tiger Mask cartoon book will be on display alongside vintage cartoon books and posters, and vinyl records and CDs with the theme songs from Ultraman, Kamen Rider and other favourites from the 70s.

The fair is an opportunity for a new generation of Thai children to observe local toys which were popular from 1968-77.

The 150-plus pieces on show include wind-up toys, hard plastic dolls, paper dolls, Ant dolls, as well as hard plastic toys that resemble popular superheroes.

Visitors are invited to donate new or used toys for unfortunate children.

The fair will at the Fountain Court, 1st floor of Seacon Square, Srinakarin Road, until Sept 29.

For more information, call 02-721-8888 ext 313 or 316.

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