Flood in south Buri Ram, Prachin Buri

Seven districts in the south of Buri Ram and two in Prachin Buri provinces have been severely hit by floods, causing damage to farmland and roads and forcing prisons to relocate inmates.

In Buri Ram, chief of the management section of the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office Amnuay Thongbo said run-off from Phanom Dongrak mountain following heavy downpours last week caused floods in villages and farmland in seven districts in the south of the province.

The seven districts are Ban Kruat, Lahansai, Non Din Daeng, Pakham, Prakhon Chai, Phlap Phla Chai and Chalerm Phrakiat.

The floodwaters hit 24,000 households in 336 villages of 30 tambon in the seven districts, causing damage to more than 8,000 rai of rice fields, 77 roads, five dykes and 40 fish ponds.

The governor has declared the seven districts disaster areas and the damage is being assessed in order to provide assistance to flood-hit people.

Water from Lam Pathia stream is overflowing to flood many localities in Nang Rong and Nong Ki districts, Mr Amnuay said.

In Prachin Buri, near the border with Buri Ram, the average water level in Kabin Buri district was still one metre high as of Monday morning.

Somchai Premjai, the Kabin Buri Prison commander, said 669 female prisoners had been moved to Chanthaburi and Thanya Buri prisons while 65 female inmates had transferred to Sa Kaew Prison. Floodwaters were more about 60cm high inside Kabin Buri Prison.

In Si Mahapho district, many areas have flooded with roads  impassable to small vehicles.

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