People want well-behaved politicians

A majority of people think Thai politicians should first reform themselves before pushing for political reform, according to the result of an Abac poll published on Sunday.

The poll was conducted on 1,784 people in Bangkok and major cities between Oct 7 and 12.

Asked what they thought should come first between political reform and reform of Thai politicians' behaviour, the majority, or 84.7%, of the respondents said the politicians should first improve their behaviour or reform themselves before pushing for political reform. The rest, 15.3%, said otherwise.

Asked about their pride in Thai politics, 66.4% said they feel ashamed because the country is full of chaos and corruption while the people's problems have not been tackled. The remaining 33.6% said they are proud of it, for at least the country is under democratic rule.

The majority, or 80.3%, believed political groups are behind the ongoing protests against the government.

Most of the respondents, 79.7%, still hoped the people's faith in democracy would be restored after politicians took a hard look at one another, while 20.3% said it was too late for that to happen.

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