Lexus Hybrid Drive, Surprising Performance Unleashed

Pojjanee Paniangvait, Ph.D., Vice President, Thai President Foods Plc

"I love biking, snorkelling and playing almost all kinds of sports. I also love driving, both in the city and out of town, particularly to Pak Chong every Sunday. I am choosy and particular but use my cars for a long time. I don’t like to keep changing. Normally, I’ll change every 100,000-200,000 kilometres. My two previous cars were ES 300s and I have been wanting to use a hybrid car but small, compact Eco cars seem to dominate the market."

"Then in 2009, when I was about to change the car I heard that Lexus was going hybrid. So I went for a test drive and chose the RX 450h. The car looks so cool with good performance, impressive acceleration, easy to drive and quiet. Particularly when using the power system, there is no pollution at all.

Driving long distances is fun, taking bends at high speed on the highway can be controlled at your command. System changing from engine to electric motor is very smooth, not jerky, unlike other brands where you can feel the jerk. Above all, it has great fuel economy.

I’ve been driving that RX 450h for over four years now and I’ve put almost 100,000 kilometres on the clock. I’ve never had any problem with either the engine or battery operation. It’s durable, easy to maintain and all systems are still working perfectly, the same as when I first bought it. I love it!

I’m confident with Lexus, especially Lexus Hybrid’s ‘Humble Efficiency’.

There’s no need to show off to anybody as it speaks for itself. Besides, the seal of the front car grille and other little details are well designed and unique to the Lexus Hybrid.

At home, I have three Lexuses: CT 200h, RX 300 and RX 450h. I’ll never change my mind. Just give me Lexus."

Aasis Unnanuntana, M.D., M.Sc.

Assoc.Prof, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University

I enjoy movies, reading and fitness. If I have time, I’ll take a relaxing drive somewhere remote. When I was studying in America, Lexus was a bestselling car. It was a premium class car which I loved to drive.

I think hybrid cars are most suitable because they are eco-friendly. They burn less gas so it saves energy. I chose CT 200h to be my first Lexus and hybrid in my life.

I have had no problem with my Lexus. Both its battery and engine operation have proved durable. The outstanding point is it consumes very little fuel.

You only need to fill up on gasoline once every two weeks which is a good thing in these economic times.

It saves a lot of fuel, especially when driving in the city in heavy traffic or driving out of town. Fuel consumption is very low. Indeed, my CT 200h fits all aspects of my life.

Service is good, too. Lexus provides conveniences and never neglects its customers. If given a choice, I’ll definitely always choose Lexus."

Nuchanart Cholkongka

Cabin Crew and Researcher

"I loves reading, doing fitness, travelling to different places and driving upcountry with friends.

I drive a Lexus IS 300h and I love the hybrid technology and sporty exterior. The interior is beautiful and very luxurious. The performance is excellent, acceleration is beyond expectation, it’s fun driving and impressive around corners. As for function modes, they’re easy to use, convenient and there’s no problem with maintenance. There is no worry about the battery because Lexus guarantees it for a very long time. The greatest thing is the fuel economy.

An important reason for selecting Lexus Hybrid is that I want to be involved in pollution reduction and preserving the environment. I am very glad to help reduce the use of resources and cut down emissions.

The Lexus service is very friendly. I made the right decision in choosing Lexus. I recommend Lexus to my friends as well."

Santhiti Treetipbut, DBA.

Part-time Lecturer, Assumption University, Ramkhamhaeng University and Print Media Business Owner

"I love travelling to different places such as driving to Pattaya. I’m a fast driver, especially over long distances. It‘s fun. I love the hybrid system because it provides good performance and the engine is more powerful than ordinary cars.

As for the Lexus IS 300h, the engine is already very powerful and with two additional electric motors, I can instantly feel the power when stepping on the brakes.

It delivers exhilaration at your command and excellent acceleration. When using Sport mode, I can feel that the engine is powerful beyond expectation.

Lexus is fun to drive, easy to control, corners with agility, has tight suspension and is very quiet.

It’s also really economical on fuel. I only pay half the original cost.

It also reduces pollution with very low CO2 emissions and I never worry about the durability of the hybrid battery.

The Lexus service is excellent, both before and after sales. I also love very much the organised golf events.  I am very impressed with Lexus. Next time I change, I’ll certainly choose Lexus again."