Wife's mother admits to Jakkrit's murder

The mother-in-law of former national sports shooter Jakkrit "X" Panichpatikum, who was shot dead in his car last month, has admitted that she acted alone in hiring the gunman who killed Jakkrit because he "repeatedly assaulted" her daughter.

Dr Nitiwadee Pucharoenyos, left, and her mother Surang Duangchinda (Photo by Apichit Jinakul)

She has been charged with premeditated murder, police said.

Surang Duangchinda, 72, was speaking at a press briefing held on Monday afternoon at the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.

Dr Nitiwadee Pucharoenyos, Mrs Surang's daughter and Jakkrit's widowed wife, was also present.

"I did it because my son-in-law beat up my daughter over and over again, and I had forgiven him many times but nothing had improved. I didn't want my children to die first so I decided to hire the gunmen to kill him.

"I'm sorry for what I did but I'm old and I don't know how long I can take care of my only daughter,"  Mrs Surang told reporters

She insisted that her daughter was not involved in the murder.

Dr Nitiwadee, who owns a cosmetic surgery clinic, told reporters the events were a "costly lesson" and that domestic violence and illegal drugs had torn her family apart.

The 38-year-old widow said she took only her personal valuables from a safe deposit box at a bank where her husband's money was also kept.

Prior to his death, Jakkrit told reporters that 30 million to 40 million baht he had kept in a bank vault had been withdrawn by his wife while he was detained by police earlier this year following a family quarrel and allegations of spousal assault.

Dr Nitiwadee said will teach her daughter to continue to love her dead father despite the unfortunate turn of events.

"The love I've received from my mother is so great, and she has cried enough. I'm the one who caused her to commit the crime and I want to take the blame from her," Dr Nitiwadee said.

The mother and daughter later turned themselves in to police at Min Buri police station to acknowledge charges

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Jakkrit's mother Boonkid Panichpatikum said she never thought that a person close to them was behind her son's death.

Mrs Boonkid said she had not talked to Mrs Surang or Dr Nitiwadee since her son's cremation. 

"I'm not angry nor want to take revenge because it won't bring back my son. I'm just feeling empty inside," she said.

Jakkrit's father Manop Panichpatikum said he started to suspect that his son was a target when he was in prison in July.

Mr Manop said he did not expect the people involved in his son's murder were Mrs Surang and Dr Nitiwadee.

"Deep inside I want to forgive, but the law is the law," he said.

Social Development and Human Security Minister Paveena Hongsakula said Jakkrit's five-year-old daughter will receive psychological counseling. 

Ms Paveena said the daughter remained under Dr Nitiwadee's supervision as she and Jakkrit had never signed a marriage certificate.

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