Tuning their tresses

If a shade has a sound then hair colouring can be compared to melody-making on a model's mane, and Thai hairdressers were tuning tresses to visually evoke the Sound of Colour, in the final round of Wella Trend Vision Award 2013 competition, recently held at the Siam Kempinski Hotel's ballroom.

Based on the musical theme, the contestants interpreted one of these four trends: Allegra, Decibel, Echo and Fusion.

Winners in both Young Talent and Colour Talent categories chose to translate the Echo trend, and they will be taking their creativity to compete at the International Trend Vision Award, in Frankfurt, next year.

Echo's hair colouring sets natural tones against dense green blacks, purple blacks, and ash with white chalk. The funky hairstyle, described by Wella Professionals creative director Eugene Souleiman, is slightly in turmoil as if two birds have crashed into the hair of the Echo girl, whose depression chic look makes her a tormented beauty.

A Decibel cut with hair colour in electrifying red.

Young Talent champion Natthapatra Supbpla related to her austere personality and designed a short haircut with an uneven fringe. From the front, the hair looks like a mono black but four dense shades and a neutral shade were combined for the winning hairstyle.

A first-timer in the competition, Supasan Kaewbanpot walked away with the Colour Talent title. "I also chose to do a short hairstyle based on the Echo trend, which allowed me to use dark colours and cutting techniques for a chic style inspired by the transmission of sound waves," he said.

While Echo employs dark and mysterious colours, Allegra's palette goes gold and greenish blonde with hints of copper and bronze for an oxidised metal and copper patina effect.

The Decibel trend turns on the volume with a mix of petrol, aubergine, turquoise, rich browns and sulfuric tones that contrast faded and washed-out shades. The cacophony of colours is amplified by the edgy cut with hair shaped in daring forms.

The fourth trend, Fusion plays an Oriental rhythm with faded pastel colours against strong tones while the cut and styling echo Eastern architecture, pagodas and the geisha.

In mid-2014, the International Trend Vision Award will gather hairdressing talents from all over the globe to present their interpretations of these four hair trends in order to crown the world champion.