House to reject Senate change ruling

The House of Representatives will not accept the imminent Constitution Court ruling on the legality of proposed charter changes, according to House Speaker Somsak Kiatsuranont.

The Constitution Court is scheduled to give its verdict on the constitutionality of planned charter changes tomorrow. The reforms propose to change the way that senators are appointed, making the Senate fully-elected.

Mr Somsak said at a news conference on Tuesday that he had discussed the ruling with legal advisers to the Lower House who confirmed that the Constitution Court has no authority to consider the petition questioning the legality of the proposed constitutional amendment.

The legal team also confirmed that members of parliament hold constitutional rights under the Article 291 to change the charter, he added.

The speaker said he had not yet discussed an action plan on how to go about rejecting the court's ruling.

He said he hoped that the court would give a verdict based on the principle of maintaining the democracy in which the king is head of state.

Mr Somsak’s two deputies Charoen Chankomol and Wisuth Chainarun were also present at the press conference.

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