That's not me!

Private 1st Class Rachata Wongyod looks like the bomber caught on CCTV video near Victory Monument so, according to many social media users, he must be the bomber. Not true, says Rachata, and he has hired a lawyer to shut them up.

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Private 1st Class Rachata Wongyod says a close look at his photo, particularly his nose, will clearly indicate he is not the bomber in the CCTV video footage taken last Sunday. (Photo on the left from Facebook page of Rachata Wongyod)

That's not me!

For Private 1st Class Rachata Wongyod, social media is no longer fun. He has his own Facebook page, but the treatment he has received from other social media users has made his life miserable over the past several days.

His problem is that his face looks quite similar to that of a man seen in widely-distributed CCTV video footage throwing a grenade near Victory Monument on Sunday.

CCTV video footage of the Victory Monument bomber in action:

Photos of  Private 1st Class Rachata were quickly shared across social media and he was linked to late army specialist Maj Gen Khattiya "Seh Daeng" Sawatdiphol, head of the red-shirt security group who was shot dead by a sniper while being  interviewed by reporters at Sala Daeng intersection during the violent United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) street rallies in 2010.

On Monday, Private 1st Class Rachata said on video posted on the internet  that he had nothing to do with Sunday's bombings at the Victory Monument.

Private 1st Class Rachata Wongyod gives a spirited and rather coarse rebuttal to allegations that he was the bomber.

"There were people trying to alter my pictures to make me look like the person who threw the grenades," he said.

He then displayed pictures of himself and the suspected bomber, and said that they looked completely different, adding that he does not have a prominent nose like the suspect.

Private 1st Class Rachata made his formal denial to Phaya Thai police through his lawyer Jirasak Boonna on Tuesday, Manager Online reported.

Mr Jirasak met police and submitted evidence he said would prove that his client was not in the area on Sunday, when the grenades  injured 28 people.

Private 1st Class Rachata took his pregnant wife to see a doctor in Chai Nat on Sunday, the lawyer said, adding that CCTV footage at a 7-Eleven convenience store in the province would substantiate his alibi.

Mr Jirasak asked the police to officially record his client's innocence  and asked the media to stop linking Mr Jirasak to the attacks.

The lawyer warned the press it could be sued if continued to damage his client's reputation, Manager Online reported.

Adapted from stories by Amornrat Mahitthirook and online reporters.

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