Salt in your water?

City water officials are warning us to stock up on water this week as rising salt levels are threatening to disrupt tap water production.

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Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) staff closely monitor tap water production at the MWA’s plant in Bang Khen district of Bangkok. Intruding salt water has threatened the production of tap water at the facility. PATTARAPONG CHATPATTARASILL

MWA issues salt warning

Households supplied by the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) are again being advised to stockpile water as a new round of saltwater intrusion threatens to disrupt tap water production in the city.

Water salinity at the Samlae water production facility in Pathum Thani is predicted to peak between March 3 and 10 as low water levels in the Chao Phraya River lead to increased tidal inflow from the sea, MWA communications director Thassanee Ritsarntiwong said on Thursday.

It followed a similar warning issued last Saturday as salinity levels rose this week.

Saltwater intrusion is expected to hit harder than usual this year due to the early onset of the dry season in many areas. Upstream dams will release more water to help keep the saltwater surge at bay.

Fresh water from adjacent canals will also be diverted to fight the intrusion.

The MWA office in Pathum Thani has been monitoring salinity levels in the river hourly. If the water becomes too salty, the water production facility will stop drawing from the river and distribute water from its reserve supply, Ms Thassanee said.

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