Chinese flight fight video explained

No, it was not a debate over who is the best Teletubby. Thai Airways says it started when a man refused to return his seat to the upright position during a meal. Watch what happened here.

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It was a real fight, but it wasnt' over the Teletubbies TV show as the subtitles imply.

Chinese fight on THAI flight (video)

Amornrat Mahitthirook

Thai Airways International PCL on Wednesday clarified the details of an incident caught on video involving a mid-air fight among three Chinese tourists on a THAI flight from Bangkok to Beijing.

The incident occurred on Feb 12 after a Chinese man refused a flight attendant’s request to return his seat to the upright position during a meal, said Chatree Pongsak, director of THAI’s flight operations safety department.

Don't believe that these are "accurate subtitles" . The subtitles make it sound like they were arguing over who was the best Teletubby, Po on the left, or Tinky Winky on the right. (Warning: Lots of impolite language.)

The passenger insisted he want to keep on sleeping, prompting two other Chinese, a man and a woman, who were sitting at the back, to shake his seat in a bid to force him to adjust it. A heated argument followed and turned into a fist fight, during which objects were thrown.

The incident was video taped by a passenger who later uploaded the 1.31-minute clip on YouTube on Feb 15. The uploader, using the name "Syver Lauritzsen", posted that “the argument became a little too heated for the guy on the left, and he had to be extracted from the plane by paramedics. He seemed to be fine.”

He also put false subtitles in the video to make a joke out of the rare fight on board.

Mr Chatree said the flight crew had implemented standard procedures to stop the brawl and seated the two sides at different spots of the plane.

The measures included recording their names to ensure they would be seated separately if they travel on the same flight again, he added.

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