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What Thai word will the Royal Institute consider removing from dictionaries?

Our rap attempt: “Jon Snow is going beyond the wall/We hope he doesn’t fall”

A) “Ting tong”.

B) “Farang”.

C) “Som tam”.

D) “Panya on”. The word, which means “mental retardation”, was originally used to refer to people with intellectual disabilities. However, the Rainbow Room Foundation, a special needs awareness centre, believes the term is now used inappropriately and as a form of abuse in some cases. The Royal Institute, which edits the Ratchabandit Thai dictionary, says it will consider removing the word if linguists agree it is offensive. The Rainbow Room Foundation is also campaigning for a new Thai word to describe people
who have learning disabilities, according to the Bangkok Post.


Why was a Korean food truck banned from operating at Port San Antonio, an industrial complex and aerospace facility in San Antonio, Texas?

A) Because the food made employees too sleepy to do their work.

B) Because it competed with the Mexican food truck that had set up there first.

C) Because people couldn’t handle the flavours.

D) Because of its name: “CockAsian”. A spokesman for Port San Antonio said the food truck’s name could be considered offensive, and that’s why they banned it from the site. However, the owner of the CockAsian food truck says they are famous for their spicy Korean fried chicken, so the name is merely a play on that. Despite the controversy (or because of it), another location in San Antonio allowed the truck to make its debut there last week.


How is HBO attempting to promote its TV series Game of Thrones to a wider audience?

A) By making Ned Stark’s head a supporting cast member
in upcoming seasons.

B) By never killing off beloved characters again.

C) By using dialogue that is easier to understand.

D) By releasing a hip hop mixtape called Catch the Throne. In the hopes of reaching out to an urban, multicultural audience, HBO has hired 10 rappers and Latin musicians to create songs to promote the medieval fantasy show. Among the artists featured are Common, Big Boi, Daddy Yankee and Wale with songs such as “Mother of Dragons”, “Iron Throne” and “King Slayer”. The album has been released for free online, and the fourth season of Game of Thrones will premiere on April 6.

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