Sartorial showcase

Masterpieces by six young fashion designers from six Asian countries are being showcased at Siam Center until March 31.

The ‘Rising Asian Fashion Avenue at Siam Center’ exhibition.

The “Rising Asian Fashion Avenue at Siam Center” exhibition is a collaboration between Asia Fashion Federation (AFF) and the Thai Garment Manufacturers Association, held with the aim to promote the Asian fashion industry in the global community.

It displays inspirational works by designers from AFF member countries — Zhao Huizhou from China, Hey Jin-hong from South Korea, Takuya Morikawa from Japan, Sabrina Goh from Singapore, Siriorn Teankaprasith from Thailand and Nguyen Quoc Binh from Vietnam.

Each item in the collection is made of Thai textiles and all of them project the identity of oriental cultures.

The exhibition runs at Idea Avenue, Siam Center, Rama I Road, until March 31.

Call 02-658-1000 ext 2265.

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